Procrastination kills dreams, and  fear is an anchor holding us to our past. Courage and persistence are the keys for  the life that is  Shining Beautiful.

Too often we think change happens in broad, sweeping efforts and events. The truth of it is, many times it happens in small, consistent steps moving towards a larger vision.

For people with disabilities it usually means self-determination, building a meaningful community and moving out of a life built on low expectations and poverty into a more prosperous future.

Here are some small things and some bigger things you can act on immediately to move your life forward or help a family member get what they want out life.


8 Small Steps to Getting What You Want.

  1. Become a regular. Mikelle has had so much success just showing up time and time again at the local market, coffee shops and at meetings that concern the future of her funding. People take you seriously when you continue to be present in your life and theirs. They will make the effort to forge a new relationship–even in this busy world.
  2. Connect with open-minded people with big hearts and huge networks. We do not have to figure this out all by ourselves. The more people we know, the greater our chances are that we can be Shining Beautiful in our own lives.
  3. Have a compelling vision to share with these new people. Get them excited about what you want to accomplish.  Most people want to make a difference in the world but don’t know how to help someone with a disability. Tell them!
  4. Ask for help! Especially from local baristas like Ian Harwick and Chelsea Frye.
  5. Embrace technology.  Engage in the 21st Century community. It is your future.
  6. Do a resource map of your community. Discover what is available in your community–not just in the service delivery system. Most jobs, friends and social opportunities are right there in front of you.
  7. Put together a Tango Team. Take Action N’ Go team or a HOPE Team. Just take action and believe in the possibilities.
  8. Help people along the way. It is good to step up and be a leader, a supporter and a friend.

Now the bigger stuff!

  1. Talk to your legislator, city council person and the Commission for People with Disabilities about your ideas and concerns. This is not a time for people with disabilities or their families to be shy. Get involved. These folks do listen–just make sure it is your voice they hear.

  2. Go to city planning meetings. Make sure they are planning to support citizens with disabilities in their long term plans.
  3. Share our story. We would love for you to help spread the world about Shining Beautiful!

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  5. Buy our book.