Adriana’s Story

Adriana and Mikelle got to know each other when Adriana chose to become Mikelle’s roommate in 2007. They have been close friends ever since, each becoming a very important part of the other’s life. They have worked closely, played hard, and have many incredible memories together.This is an excerpt from Adriana’s Story.

Just Acting Silly

“Roommate Wanted: to assist disabled woman who does not experience a disabled life.” The Craigslist ad intrigued me. I needed a place to live in Denver and she needed a roommate. I hoped we would be a perfect fit. I first met Mikelle when I interviewed for the roommate position at her condominium. She greeted me at the door. I was taken aback, I had no idea she was in a wheelchair and couldn’t speak. The woman I imagined meeting was an amputee, or had epilepsy, or deaf. I wasn’t prepared to meet a woman who couldn’t speak or walk.

She played the hostess right away as we waited for her mom and roommate to come and conduct the interview. She asked about my hobbies, my friends, and if I knew any cute boys. I liked her immediately. I liked the atmosphere of her home and I liked her mom and roommate.

Anxiously, I waited for her response after the interview; it was a week until I heard from Katherine. Her call filled me with relief when I heard her cheery voice announce that Mikelle chose me.

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