What Do You Pink, Purse Queen?

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mik & hairA note from Katherine Carol:  I love this blog written by Taylor Mason.  Taylor has a wonderful and unique perspective on life grabbing sense of fun, literacy (she is an editor) and creativity into life with Mikelle.

Right now, Taylor’s obsession is her hair and it works well with Mikelle’s inner fashionista!  Mikelle’s is and always has been purses. These two make from some wonderful moments.  As you can see from the picture theses are some great friends.


Pictured above: Mikelle and Taylor dying their hair auburn and pink, respectively.

Every now and again Mikelle likes to get a little wild, a little adventurous, a little spicy. She does so through her unique sense of style and her love of participating in typical female routines. Every other month or so she dyes her hair with one of her gal pals. Every week she changes her nail polish, she loves it fresh and her favorite polish color is teal! Most of all she loves purse shopping.

No one loves purse shopping more than our Mikelle. Whenever she can, she’ll talk her roommate into bringing her to Goodwill or to the mall to pick out a new one. She’s very thorough in her search too. She carefully examines all of her choices, sometimes multiple times, before deciding on what she wants. Her collection has grown so much that we’ve had to start getting rid of one every time we go pick out another. For Mikelle it’s the thrill of the hunt, the joy of picking out something that is pleasing to her eye and fun to show off.

These are the things that she enjoys, that she thinks about regularly. Things she doesn’t care or really think about are vanities like makeup, trendy clothes or fancy shoes. There is, however, one thing that she enjoys looking at and talking about as much as any girl and that is boys! Especially her very special friend Jerome. We love to tease her about him but when they are together nothing else really matters. Purses, shoes, hair… it all falls away when Jerome comes around.

We here at The Shining Beautiful like to encourage any and all interests that Mikelle has. She surely encourages us to do the things we like as well (with her of course!). So what sort of activities and interests do you have? Do what you like with the ones that you love and you may just see a smile as beautiful as this:











Pictured: Mikelle & Jerome hanging out by the river.

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