Shining Beautiful, A Community Conversation

Presented at The Community Summit 2013 in Ellensburg, Washington

We had a great time at the Community Summit and IPrezi presentation!

During that presentation, Mikelle and I shared our journey together. We encouraged you to RE-THINK REHAB as we followed the 5 Steps to Engaging Your Community.

Remember the Steps:

  1. Revise your vision often.
  2. Listen to the unique rhythm of each community. Find the beat which best matches yours.
  3. The power of rituals. This is the glue that holds together relationships and community.
  4. Develop a routine. Become a regular. Show up often and tell new stories about you, your friends or your work.
  5. Beware of falling into a rut. It might be time to go back to Number 1 when you find yourself stuck in a rut.

Free Webinar!

We will have a follow up FREE webinar for conference participants on June 28 at 2:00pm MST
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We will discuss:

  • The new trends and how to redirect your energy to finding people to include in your community support plan.
  • What to expect when success comes knocking on your door along with all those new friends.
  • A strategic plan you can use to structure your efforts, reduce stress and find time for some fun!

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