Dreams. X-treme Creativity for Job Developers.



The most powerful thing in the world is a dream.

Fuel it with the excitement of a Denver Bronco fan, ignited it with passion and persistence—it practically is impossible to fail.


Denver Bronco Fan

While dreams are at the end of this series on X-treme creativity,they truly serve as the dawn of innovation. As with anything we do we get better and stronger the more we practice it. Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich fame, often spoke of keeping a pen and notebook on the night table beside his bed. Upon waking, he would immediately recount his dreams. Edison is said to have followed a similar routine. I am a fan of Napoleon Hill’s ideas of programming the subconscious mind just before bedtime. Take a challenging situation, tell your subconscious mind to search for solutions, give it a deadline and let your dreams give direction to your opportunities. It does work when you are passionate about finding an answer or seeking to be X-tremely creative.

In my recent webinar for the Supported Employment Leadership Network for Colorado, I mentioned you need to be as passionate about job development as this Denver Bronco fan. Energy, passion fertilize to growing our supported employment success. Take a chance, innovate. Fail forward. And, dream big.

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