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Kasey, Mikelle & Kasey’s son, Jackson

Kasey’s Story

Kasey, Mikelle’s older brother, has been there since the very beginning. He was there when Mikelle came off of the United Airlines plane from Korea, when she got her first wheelchair, when she started school. Kasey has been an all-star brother, always having Mikelle’s back through the hardest of times and laughing with her through the most incredible moments. Read an excerpt from Kasey’s Story



Adriana & Mikelle

Adriana’s Story

Adriana and Mikelle got to know each other when Adriana became Mikelle’s roommate in 2007. They have been close friends ever since, each becoming a very important part of the other’s life. They have worked closely, played hard, and have many incredible memories together. Read an excerpt from Adriana’s Story





Ian & Mikelle

Ian’s Story

Mikelle met Ian Harwick when he was working at Starbucks. Mikelle and her mother, Katherine, would visit Ian and fellow barista Chelsea Frye at Starbucks and they became the first roots of Mikelle’s new community after high school. Ian is now like a brother to Mikelle and like siblings they have seen each other through thick and thin. Read an excerpt from Ian’s Story




Kari & Mikelle

Kari’s Story

Kari was one of Mikelle’s first roommates, she and Mikelle became fast friends. She and Mikelle have remained close throughout the years, and they are still very much a part of one another’s lives.
Read an excerpt from Kari’s Story




Coming Soon!

The next installment of the Shining Beautiful Series will delve even further into Mikelle’s progress as an individual from her childhood to today. Featuring heartwarming stories from some of the special people in Mikelle’s life who have known her the longest.

Featured in the next book….

Jerome & Mikelle

Jerome’s Story

Jerome and Mikelle go all the way back to East High School where Jermone stood up for Mikelle in the halls and where they soon became good friends. They shared classes together and Mikelle loved to go root for Jerome at his track meets. There’s an indescribable energy between Jerome and Mikelle whenever they are together and they share a humor that is all their own. Jerome and Mikelle have be able to stay close over the years. Read an excerpt from Jerome’s Story