Jerome’s Story

Jerome and Mikelle go all the way back to East High School, where Jermone stood up for Mikelle in the halls, and they soon became good friends. They shared class together and Mikelle would go to root for Jerome at his track meets. There’s an indescribable energy between Jerome and Mikelle whenever they are together and they share a humor that is all their own. Jerome and Mikelle have stayed close over the years. This is an excerpt from Jerome’s Story.

Jerome and Mikelle in High School

Mikelle started coming to my track meets. I remember that day she came, I saw her at the edge, on the top corner and  when she heard the starting pistol go off she jumped! I told her, “No, it’s all right. You know, they’ve got to do that!” That was at that meet where she came and was in the stands, and I ran and got first place in the meet, and was in the Denver Prep paper. Still got the little clippings at my house.

I played football, too, and senior year I had the whole entire football team sign their autographs on a photo for her. Dominique. Archy. Theim. Grissem. Robert. Just a whole bunch of guys. There was so many people that signed. The coaches. All the staff signed it. And then I gave it to Mikelle. I didn’t give her any track shoes of mine or anything, cause they all stink.
When we graduated, she was one of the first people I went to. I couldn’t believe that I had graduated, but if you’re positive and you do the right things, you can do anything.

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