Kari was one of Mikelle’s first roommates and she and Mikelle became fast friends. She and Mikelle have remained close throughout the years and they are still very much a part of one another’s lives. Below is an excerpt from her story.


Kari & Mikelle

Walking into her apartment for the first time, I was taken aback by Mikelle’s immediate appearance. All of those nasty subconscious stereotypes regarding people with disabilities came rushing without mercy into my mind. Not only did Katherine’s demeanor put me instantly at ease, but she gave me a nice mental slap upside the head like only a mother can give, as she assured me that, as unique an individual as she may be, there was no reason to treat Mikelle any differently than any other young woman: with respect, dignity, and class.

Here I sat with these two beautiful, hot-blooded women, passionately meeting the chaos of life with cheshire grins and daunting determination. Mikelle was not about to submit to the world “as is”. She was creating her own reality, according to what she needed and wanted from life.

From that very first meeting, Mikelle and I simply clicked. We shared a mutual addiction to the good things in life, and over the next few months discovered that beneath our shared enjoyments and similarly silly personalities ran a far more crucial vein of spiritual attachment.

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