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This first volume of the Shining Beautiful Series highlights the realm of love attained by six people who wondered if they could reach beyond their limits and change the world. Their stories center on Mikelle Learned. Orphaned in Korea at the tender age of three months, destiny took Mikelle by the hand and led her into the arms of a new family in Denver, CO. There, doctors diagnosed her with significant cerebral palsy.

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Her path led her to the halls of Congress as a speaker and then on to the National Press Club as an Honored Guest Reactor. Mikelle speaks across the country, owns her own condo, a small business, and many friends who pop in and out of her world. She loves showing young people how to overcome life’s challenges. Not bad for someone who can’t walk or talk without technology.

Her book will tickle your funny bone, inspire you to move beyond your limitations and show you how to create a supportive community full of love. Shining Beautiful (the English translation of her Korean name) shares tips and strategies for creating a meaningful life, no matter what that life brings.


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